09.10.2010 - A blessing in disguise at 100 miles of Hockenheim

Valentin drove on Saturday afternoon to Hockenheim because he got some dates there. But when he arrived, Tim, the mechanic of Mirco Schultis, asked him, if he wants to drive the 100 miles race with Mirco to support him to win the championship. Luckily Valentin took his race equipment with him.

The PRC Honda of Mirco changed completely since Valentin drove it last time, because it got a new, more powerful engine. Mirco drove the start and after 40 min. he came to the pit on P3 in class and Valentin got into the car without a single lap practice on the car but he could drive such fast laps that he improved to P2 in class and the championship seamed almost won, when 8 min. before finish the brakes failed at 260 km/h and Valentin couldn't avoid a frontal collision into the barrier at still about 100 km/h.

Valentin could get out of the car uninjured but he was brought to the medical center to get checked. But beside some tension in the neck he was perfectly healthy. The car on the other hand was completely destroyed in the front, what makes it difficult to detect the problem.

For Mirco it was also blessing in disguise because he won the championship because the car was driven over 75% of the race distance and was still on P6 in class what brought him enough points. So Mirco got champion the support of Valentin who drove 3 of 6 races with Mirco and always was very fast.