16.10.2010 - Best in class at worst conditions at Nürburgring

This time Valentin came with his father and the race car BMW 120d Coupé of class CD on Friday. With a lot of rain the qualifying began on Saturday morning. The rain was good for Valentin because he is very fast at these slippery conditions and so he drove very fast times. But at the end of the qualifying the track began to dry and Valentin lost some positions but in the end he had the first grid position in class and the 157th overall.

But the race started under wet conditions again and Valentin could win position after position from the start on. The many accidents made it very hard to get the tires to a good temperature. After one hour it stopped raining what was a new problem for Valentin's tires. Now they were overheating and Valentin had to drive very safe not to ruin the tires and with his 1-stop-strategie it wasn't possible to change tires.

When the time for the pit stop came the next clouds were right there and Valentin stayed on rain tires what was a good decision because half an hour later it started to rain again. So Valentin could win the few positions he lost in the dry back and began to drive through the field again until 10 minutes before regular race finish the race got stopped by red flag because of the rain.

Valentin did win his class VD and made a sensationel 89th place overall in front of many much faster cars. Congratulations, keep it up!