30.10.2010 - Easy come, easy go

At the last VLN-race of the season 2010, the 35th Münsterlandpokal, also called "Schinkenrennen", Valentin Hummel started with Sorg Motorsport again on the BMW 325i in class V4 beside Manuel Paßberger and Sascha Pilz.

To drive some test laps with the unknown BMW on Friday, Valentin came to the Nürburgring form the University at Darmstadt and got directly into the race car. After some laps Valentin knew that the rear setup had to be changed to be competitive. Valentin suggested to make the rear damping harder and after a discussion with the team mates and the team leaders Daniel and Benjamin Sorg, the dampers got changed that way.

On Saturday morning Manuel Paßberger started first into the qualifying. After a hard accident the qualifying got stopped with the red flag. After the qualifying was restarted Valentin was the next to drive. In his second lap he already drove a 10:13min.  what was a very fast lap even he had to go over the grass at Hatzenbach where a Clio was upside down. At that time Valentin was on grid position 3. Then Sasche Pilz did some laps but couldn't drive a faster lap on the faster getting track and so it was grid position 6 of 10 in the class and 141 all over in the end.

For the race Dr.-Ing. Bernd Lenzen of the TU Darmstadt wished good luck to Valentin. He came to see the new team member of the Formula Student Team of the TU in action. As fastest driver of the team Valentin drove the start and could overtake already in the first lap two competitors of the class. But Valentin had to push the car very hard what overheated the tires and Valentin had to slow down to save tires. He was in a hard fight with the car on P5 in class behind him, but Valentin could hold it behind him until the pit stop. At the very fast pit stop Valentin changed the cockpit with Manuel Paßberger but he couldn't hold the won position and got back to P6. Furthermore he had to come to the pit a lap earlier than expected with less and less brake performance. There the brake pads had to be changed and Sascha Pilz started for the last part of the race. Because of the brake pad changing 2 positions were lost which Sascha couldn't win back and the team finished with P8 in class V4 and P117 of 193 overall. With a fastest lap of 10.09min. Valentin drove the fastest lap of the car ever and of course of the team with Manuel Paßberger as second fastest with a 10.20min. That fact with the fact of a very friendly Team Sorg the season had a very positive ending.