14.05.2011 - Second class win in a row and best time on all special stages

The team started highly motivated on Friday to the 25th ADAC Rallye 200 "Rund um den Alheimer" , in the hope of to be able to live up on the winning of the first race. And they succeeded - with a 2nd class win in a row they gained more points in the standings for the Hessian Rally Championship and this time they also celebrated.

Six special stages (100% asphalt) with a total length of 33 km were to meet on Saturday. At the start-finish stages WP 1/4 "Am Stock ", a former mountain race track, and WP 2/5 Valentin drove on familiar terrain, as both stages lead uphill and downhill through the forest and Valentin could take advantage of his experience in the German hillclimb championship.

WP 3/6 was run as a circuit and offered many occasions to impress the spectators with speed, tight turns and precise maneuvers.

Exemplary driven, Valentin and Katja could reach on these two stages a 10th (WP3) and 11th place (WP6) in the overall standings, although they were briefly a little worried before the start of WP5 because of a rainstorm, as they had started in the morning with semi-slicks. It turned out that in spite of the rain-slicked pavement the tires barely lost grip and so they drove again best time in class.

In the end, the team could be glad about best time in class at all stages that leads to the 2nd class win in a row in class G19 (11 starters), with 42 seconds lead over the second one. Also in the group standings the team reached the second place where they had two much stronger Mitsubishi Evo 8 and Evo 10 left behind, and they only could not quite catch up the Evo 9 at the top. The 12th place in the overall standings (of 56 teams) completed this success and strengthend the team confidence for the upcoming races. The next round of the Hessian Rally Championship will now be at the end of July the RMV Main-Kinzig-Rally in Brachtal.