20.06.2010 - Best in class at the 100 miles race at Hockenheimring

Valentin Hummel arrived at Hockenheim on Friday morning with hope to find a drivers seat for the European Sports Car Challenge. But sadly there was no single cockpit left and Valentin had to watch both races from the pit on Saturday. Just when he wanted to leave it came up, that he can drive the AvD 100 miles race with Mirco Schultis in Division 2 on his PRC Honda CN. That was just half an hour before practice session and Valentin made himself ready to make some laps to learn the car an the track which both was new for him. He knew the track from the simulator and he had no problems with the track. Only little problems with the car which couldn't be fixed over the whole weekend of ESCC, braked a little.


On Sunday morning Valentin drove the whole Qualifying and Mirco watched from the pit. Between the many slower touring cars of the TCC and the on going problems of the car it was impossible to do a good lap in the first half of the Qualifying. That is why Valentin waited in the pit until he got sent out 10 minutes before the end of the Qulifying. After his out lap Valentin wanted to make his fast laps, but he had to cancel that because of yellow flags in the 2nd sector. The yellow flag lasted until the end of the Qulifying and so Valentin drove in his last lap best in sector 1 and 3 but had to slow down in sector 2 because of the yellow flag, where he lost the 3 seconds for pole position and in the end had grid position 4 in class and 8th overall.

Mirco Schultis drove the start of the 100 miles races and made a catch up race until the safety car came out and Mirco came to the pit first in class and 4th overall and changed to Valentin. After the safety car came in Valentin had a long fight with the 3rd overall GT2 Porsche, which had more power and overtook again and again on the long straigts. In the end Valentin finaly overtook him and got best in class of Div. 2 and position 3 overall.

So the weekend ended with two goblets very successfully for Valentin and also for Mirco it was a good end of the weekend. where he wasn't able to get on the podium of the ESCC because of the problems with the car. Keep it up!