29.04.2012 - Valentin Hummel without racecar at Rally Argentina

At Rally Argentina Valentin Hummel and Co-Pilot Adrian Berghea had big plans. For the first time they wanted to compete together with the best Rallyteams of PWRC. Therefore a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Gr. N of the RALLI//ART America-Team of Peter Gärtner was nominated by Valentin and number 55 was given by the organizer.

The destined rallycar however was destroyed so heavily at the first run of the Southamerican Rally Championship CODASUR, the Rally Trans Itapua in Paraguay, so it could not be fitted for Argentina. That the first entry however could be possible, the RALLI//ART Italy-Team wanted to help and offered their recce-EVO for the shakedown and the first three special stages. For the whole rally, mechanics were missing. This very sportiv offer was then refused because of lack of perspective. So the ADAC-Youngster and his Co-pilot concentrated on recce-only.

3 days it was worked very intensive on the notes and the very challenging conditions as fog in an area of lava-fields

and freely moving horses and cattle on the special stage

During the race, the team joined the numerous enthusiastic spectators that were at the roadside.

"Its a pity that we couldn´t participate in the race. The special stages are very varied and nice. This rally we feel very strongly about. because we like it when it is very fast or tight and technically demanding", Valentin has recorded.zu Protokoll. "Here I have written notes of a special stage called Matadero with more than 65km that filled a whole ringbinder. Man!  After reading out once you need a bottle of water to drink, so dry your mouth from endless reading. One hour at a stretch!" Adrian ads. For the future we can only hope that we see this ambitious team at WRC in Europe again.