27.03.2012 - Valentin Hummel drove recce on gravel at Rally Portugal 2012 

At Rally Portugal, Valentin Hummel and Co-Driver Adrian Berghea did their first Recce on Gravel in 2012. 

With nice and sunny weather conditions, the track was getting very dusty and made it impossible to make good pacenotes running less than 200m behind the car in front.

But also trough the water with big stones made the recce a torture for the crew and the recce-car. On the first day, two punctures lead to a fight for time, but in the end, all stages were recced twice. Luckily there where no more damages. "We really don't know, where we caught those punctures" reported the ADAC-Youngester. "There are a lot of sharp stones, which lead to damages of the normal road tyres even with great care" added Co-Driver Adrian.

Also beside the track, there were a lot of objects like cork, which can get very dangerous traveling at race speed.

But also the typical southern Orange trees made it a very interesting environment.

Often there was a long line of recce cars before the stage where you needed a lot of patience, but the recce program was passed with no major problems.

The team needed patience also in respect of the first participation in a full rally. This will be over with the next WRC-event at Rally Argentina. "We feel well prepared after three times of recce only" Valentin Hummel is looking forward. "One time I read the wrong line by mistake but Valentin corrected me instantly. He has a good memory for the track and knows the corners most of the time. That gives me a lot of trust!" added Adrian. "Argentina can come" both share their confidence in the end.