09.02.2012 - Valentin Hummel drove again recce-only at WRC in Sweden

At Rally Sweden Valentin entered new land, because he had never driven a rally on ice and snow in Scandinavia before. That´s why his management thought it would be better, to let him and co-driver Adrian drive recce-only on a 4WD-Suzuki. This chance was used by the team and they experienced special stage by special stage without any pressure. "The road conditions were really challenging," Valentin reports "but I understood very quick how to drive here and what´s the grip about." 

"As you can see here in the roadbook, it is not only the snow but also the routeing, that brings the one or other surpise" Adrian adds.

"Next year, we will return and we already know today, what awaits us. Then we will be participating in the whole event, because Valentin handels the 4WD-Suzuki already perfectly and can go to the limit on ice and snow" Adrian continues.

That´s why something can be expected for the future.