16.04.2011 – Out at Hessen Rally Vogelsberg

Because Valentin Hummel's co-driver Katja Geyer was prevented for reasons of timing in the Hessen-Rallye Vogelsberg, Valentin drove with his father Gerolf Hummel as co-driver. They came on Thursday evening to start  on a tour of the special stages on Friday morning. Creating the pace notes worked smoothly and Valentin and Gerolf were back in time in the service park to prepare the car for technical inspection.


Back from the scrutineering then everything had to be prepared for the start to the first SS. Luckily Valentine's mentor "Charly" Kling came with support, and relieved Valentin and Gerolf in the service.

Over the starting line, they went on to the first SS. Despite standard suspension Valentin mastered the demanding WP1 with some gravel sections and rode as fastest in class, 2nd in Division 9 and in 39 out of 59.

SS2 was a circuit with two laps on which the team reached the third position in Div. 9 and the 40th of a total of 58 starters. In the regrouping Gerolf and Valentin found out that they were after two special stages in a surprising 3rd position in the division, even with the standard suspension.

In the service, no problems were found and so they went expectantly to SS3.

Meanwhile, it was dark, but Valentin and Gerolf started well in SS3, until shortly before the finish in a tight right turn, which was strongly cuttet, Valentine wanted to spare the standard suspension and did not cut. Before a lot of gravel and dirt have been moved onto the track, whereupon the car did not have enough grip and was on a short trip in a small ditch next to the track what damaged the left front suspension. They drove to the finish and the the connection stage to SS4. Before the start of SS4 had to be understood that the suspension was badly damaged and it would not make sense to go further.

Cheer up, the next rally is coming!