21.11.2015 - Test with Toyota GT86 CS-R3 and TMG at Basberg

At a test with Toyota Motorsport Valentin could get a picture of the new Toyota GT86 CS-R3, the first rear wheel drive rally car built to R3 regulations. The test was located at Basberg in the Eifel next to the Rallye Oberehe stages. The track was very dirty and slippery. Valentins conclusion after 4,2 km in the GT86: "It was a lot of fun to be in a rally car again. I quickly got used to the rear wheel drive agein. Gearbox and engine are working together perfectly. The slippery conditions made it very difficult to evaluate the potential of the car but the handling was very well-balanced and controllable. It would be very interesting to see the rear wheel drive compete with the front wheel drive R3 competitors."