31.07.2014 - Formula student Hockenheim

The students of the University of Technology of Darmstadt have their own motorsport team and build every year, after the regulations of the Formula student, a new, purely electrically pursued racing vehicle. In the meantime, the 4th generation of a purely electrically powered vehicle, iota2014, is an advancement of his predecessor and refines his total concept in nearly all areas. He is driven by two small and highly competitive synchronous engines which integrate themselves with a two-stage forehead wheel gear perfectly into the high speed draught.

Already with cirque preparation of the potential drivers at karting-races in the beginning of 2014, Valentin Hummel could show his big talent and was regularly quickest with clear distance. Then thus it was also decided to use him with the first test on the Opel-test area. On the basis of extensive tyre data the chassis had been laid out in the approach and then was tuned. In the same train the chassis had been also adapted to the new demands and beside the system integration of many components in particular the weight had clearly been reduced.
Then Valentins first running in a Formula student was the autocross in Hockenheim. Unfortunately, the vehicle fell out by 2 starts twice because of technical defect.

Then, with the Indurance-race the next day, the team could not go to the finish-line because of a technical defect. Pity! Fun has made it, nevertheless and if studies allow, it will not remain the last application.