22.09.2012 - Valentin Hummel had a breakdown at ADAC Saarland Rally

At the Saarland-Rally, Valentin Hummel and Adrian Berghea drove together in the competition of a rally for the first time. Therefore they used the beautiful BMW 120d Coupe, that is known from Rally Germany already. As the HJS Diesel Rally Masters had welcome the team as a guest-starter, the team built up their equipment in their area at the service park.

Because the BMW could not be reduced in weight from Group G to Group N before the rally and therefore had been more than 100kg heavier then the direct competitors of the HJS Diesel Rally Masters in Division 6, the team had no expectations to reach the podium this time.

On Friday evening the team passed the launch pad for the first 4 special stages. After the first Special Stage the team found themselfs on P4 of 10 starters. Beside the upcoming night also heavy rain started at the next SS and the already half worn, used tyres from the Rally Germany limited Valentins speed through aquaplaning. At the end of the day he had to be confident with P5 in class.

For Saturday, the weather-god meant it good with the rally-teams and the day started dry. Highly motivated Valentin and Adrian into the second day of the rally and found themselfs on P3 at the 5th SS with a gap of only 1,8 seconds behind the fastest car in class.

The next SS was passed on P5 that did not satisfy Valentin and lead him to push a little more. This was visible with a P2 at the next SS and after half of the competition he found himself on a satisfying P4 in class.


Also in SS8 and SS9 the faster pace was visible with a P2 and a P3 in class.

But in SS10 the same defect at the left front suspension happened as at the Rally Germany, that is obviously the sensible Achilles heel of the too heavy car at such kind of challenging rally of the German Rally Championship DRM. Gallantly the team finished the Special Stage and arrived at the service park, where they had to give up because of a missing spare-part. In the end the awareness was left, that the car would only be reliable in a weight reduced Group N-trim but then always good for a class-win driven by the team Hummel/Berghea.