26.08.2012 - Valentin Hummel drove #0-security-car at ADAC Rally Germany

At the ADAC Rally Germany, Valentin had to drive with Gino Kruhs as new Co-driver, because Adrian could not participate by timely reasons. Some days before the rally, the car was improved by mounting a hydraulic handbrake, to be prepared for the many hairpins in the vineyards. 

After the notes-system was adjusted at recce, driver and co-driver built up confidence into each other and teamwork got better and better during the beginning of the rally.


As the team had to start as the last security-car with #0, directly before Loeb, there was no space for dallying or mistakes. But already on SS1 a defect tire forced the team to leave the stage and change the tyre at a secure place. Therefore they missed the finish of this and the next two stages.

For the second flow of the missed 3 special stages, the team was present again in the afternoon and finished there, without having any problem with the 8 times world-champion in their back, but the car suffered hard. Because of that, a suspension arm had to be changed in the service park in the evening.

On Saturday it remaind hard for team and car because the highlight, the Queens Stage "Panzerplatte", with 47km length at Baumholder was driven twice. Especially the "Hinkelstein"-stones and the damaged surface of the concrete slabs had to be passed by in a secure way. The length of this stage caused the overriding of Valentin to the #00-security-car of Isolde Holderied, a Toyota Yaris R1A with only 100HP. As the second flow, the race director had reacted and gave her a gap of 7 instead of 5 minutes.

But also the crowd puller "Gina", a very challenging jump, was passed without problems and showed the well balanced weight distribution of the BMW.

After the adjustment of the team gave them the necessary confidence, they dared the comparison of their times to the ones of the other teams, that were driving in the competition of the HJS Diesel Rally Masters and were surprised, that even with moderate speed they would have got two minimum-times and a second best time in ths SSs of Saturday afternoon.

But Sunday then did not start pleasant, when an ECU, that is responsible for loading of the battery, was striking and the car had to stop in the first special stage of the day with electrical problems. Until the driver had found and repaired the problem, SS13 and SS14 were over.

Therefore only the last special stage of the rally, “Circus Maximus” at the Porta Nigra in the middle of Trier, could be driven at the last day of the event. A short rain shower before the start made the simple track with some parts over cobblestones a glissade and the rear-wheel-drive made the car drift in such a spectacular way that the spectators got their money worth.

(onboard video of shakedown)