07.08.2012 - Valentin Hummel drove recce-only at Rally Finland

Also at legendary rally Finland Valentin and Adrian wanted to learn a lot and drove recce-only again.

"More than a rally" announced the emblem of the rally and indeed with the breathtaking tracks it is more than just a rally. Fast and flowing stages with nice gravel and a lot of crests represents this unique rally.

That character was the special challenge for Valentin and Adrian in making the pacenotes. There were a lot of corners just behind a crest what had to be signalised in the notes to have the car in the right position for the corner already before the crest.

This time the recce-car was the BMW 120d Coupé with a special gravel suspension, which got equipped with special tyres only available in Skandinavia. This way it was a lot of fun with the rear wheel drive on the gravel.

Over the extreme crests which were signed specially even the heavy BMW learned to fly.

In the end there was only the Super Special Stage to recce in the area of a racetrack for horses, which looked easy first but looking more close it had some tricky corners like coming out of the gravel onto tarmac which was getting unbelievable slippery.

While recce the drivers had to pay special attention to the traffic on the stages. Even far away from the cities there were kids on a bike trip which put their route maybe for the special kick onto the stages.

After having learned a lot next will be the home event of Valentin, ADAC Rallye Deutschland around Trier. Good luck for that!