27.05.2012 - Valentin Hummel drives recce-only at Rally of Gods in Greece

At this years Rally Acropolis, an event with long tradition in the WRC-calender, Valentin Hummel and Co-driver Adrian Berghea drove again recce-only, because no budget or race-car for a regular start was available for the ambitious team for this battle of material could be found.

The Recce-driving at the "Rally of Gods" was in bright sunshine through the hilly countryside surrounding the picturesque seaside town of Korinth. In contrast, the rough gravel roads for the 4x4-Jeep an audit of all its qualities.

But the driver and passenger had to concentrate, because a small mistake leads to a serious crash down one of the steep slopes next to the road.

Despite the utmost attention to the team got 2 punctures. At the Ford Fiesta of a competitor the one front wheel even got ripped out of the suspension. In addition to rough gravel, there were also sandy sections at higher altitudes, which were very similar to the forest roads in our country.

Finally, it was a successful debut and after the survived strains of the „Rally of Gods“ the team felt a little closer to the gods.