31.01.2012 - Valentin Hummel confirms Adrian Berghea as new co-driver

To develop himself best in the futures international rally-racing, Valentin and his management were searching for an old hand as co-pilot since a while. He should have experience in the WRC, be victorious in his national championship and fluent in english was the wanted profile. Such as is the 42 year old Adrian Berghea, multible romanian Rallye-Champion and Vice-Champion and WRC-participator 2003 and 2004 the ideal co-pilot. What pilot and co-pilot know very well is, that the joint success is mainly dependent on confidence and perfect teamwork. To test this, both drove the "recce only" at Rallye Monte Carlo 2012. 

"After 3 days of intensive work with Adrian I discovered, that we harmonize perfect. He has exactly that experience, that I'm missing. With the English pacenotes is it as if it had always been like this" Valentin reports. "I approached this project quite pessimistic, because what can a 20-year old offer after one season? But look at the rear winter-tyres of the BMW (laughs), they have been new before the recce and now, finished. His car-control is really impressive" Adrian adds.

"But not only his car-control has convinced me to continue this project, but also his enormous concentration and speed of learning" Adrian continues to tell. "Until the world class it is still a lot of work. But we have agreed, that we try to get there together" Valentin finally says.
Good luck!