08.10.2011 - P4 at Rally Bad Emstal defeats win of DMSB and HFM championships

At the decisive round of the Hessian Rally Championship and the DMSB Rally Cup mid the bad weather decided Valentin’s and Katja’s fate at rally Bad Emstal. They had hoped to start again with the BMW 120d, but due to the small number of starters again in their class, they decided to return with the Honda Civic of Schmack Motorsport.

Until the start, the weather was still fairly good, but recurring rain showers were forecasted and due to the constant rain, the track soon turned into a glissade. After even the four-wheel driven cars had turned though 360°, both realized soon that such weather conditions were difficult to overcome even with your own car. The switch from rear to front wheel drive and the unusual behaviour of the car under these conditions was very tricky, and the competition, which fought grimly, used her distinct advantage.

Valentine demanded again the best possible from the car, but without risking too much to drive safely and securely to the finish. A 4th place of 13 in class was finally not enough to claim the lead in the championship and so the team had to accept his disadvantage. There is still one more run to the Hessian Championship, but both take place this weekend in the 3-Städte-Rally in Kirchham, the last final round of the ADAC Masters, where they will fight for the 2nd Place of ADAC Junior Cup. Therefore the team Hummel/Geyer has to leave the championship without a struggle and go to the winterbreak as vice-champions of Hesse and DMSB Rally-Cup Mid- Germany.