10.09.2011 - 4th division win in a row at the first of two finals of the ADAC Rallye Masters

At the first final round of the ADAC Rally Masters, the 4th ADAC Ostsee-Rally in Grömitz, Valentin Hummel and Katja Geyer showed once more an outstanding performance! With a 4th division win in a row they defended their second rank at ADAC Junior Cup and they actually would have reached after a successful rally a sixth place overall (!) before their rival Sepp Wiegand, but due to the delay at the finish ramp they were expulsed of the Top Ten and thrown back to 13th place.

The rally was started again in the drizzle at the beach promenade in Grömitz, but now everybody knows this year's summer weather and nobody works up a sweat re. the tire gamble. Only towards the afternoon the track dried a bit and the team could place in the second half of the 12 fast-paced SSs almost always in the top ten overall result. On the fast stages, there were many hardly visible curves and treacherous corners, a true test of the driver’s confidence in his co-driver and in his own self-confidence.

Up to SS11 everything worked out, but the circuit course of SS12 with four laps brought again some excitement due to an ill-conceived group starting. Started at too short intervals, they catched up after only one round with their competitor in the front and he behaved unfortunately anything but fair and sportsmanlike, blocked the narrow track and made it impossible to overtake. Irritable and angry about such unprofessional attitude one was not concentrating on liaison and tried some off-street parking in the ditch. Who drives with emotion and passion that can even get upset sometimes... The rescue of the buried rear-wheel driven BMW took longer than planned, so that both arrived unfortunately 13 minutes late, but still within the qualifiying period, at the finish ramp.

Despite the mishap and a time penalty of 2:10 min they ended thanks to the massive time lead and best times on all SSs as earned division winner and with a 13th place overall. Nevertheless, both had together with competitors Sepp Wiegand and Claudia Harloff on Suzuki Swift left an powerful impression and the rally magazine wrote: "Wiegand and Hummel were brilliant at rank 6 and 7 - incredible what the two 20-year-olds showed with relatively low-performance cars!". The grand finale and the last race of the ADAC Rallye Masters will be 3-Städte-Rally in late October and Valentin and Katja will again give their eye teeth for a further victory!