17.08.2011 - Test on Citroen DS3 R3T within Rally Germany in Bitburg

During the Rally Germany in Trier Valentin Hummel and Katja Geyer had the opportunity to take a closer look at Citroen’s newest achievement: the Citroen DS3 R3. "MY Racing" invited them to a testing day at the airfield at nearby Bitburg and so they used the time before the show start in the evening in Trier to draw a couple of tire marks on the landing field.

The team of "MY Racing" firstly introduced driver and co-driver in the newest technology and the handling of the car and answered patiently and comprehensively all interested questions. Besides the C2R2 the DS3 R3 is the new generation of Citroen, already based on the new R3T regulations of 2011 and equipped with modern electronics and advanced new features, such as the sequential six-speed gearbox, which allows via shift paddle lightning-fast gear changes. The front-wheel drive with the 1.6 liter turbo engine and 210 hp with a weight of just 1230 kg also provides with 350 Nm awesome drive to the front wheels, so much torsional do they only know so far from their own BMW 120d Coupé.

After Valentin had passed the first test laps together with professional rally driver Sven Haaf, who was driving the DS3 at the Rally Germany as recce car, they could then test the new racing feeling as team. A short course on the airfield was sufficient to prove that both clearly had fun in the car. Handling, performance and sound - there was nothing to complain about and both liked the great design of the car at the very first moment.

Back in Trier they could experience the DS3 R3 in action and both were visibly impressed by the apparent ease with which the DS3 mastered all jumps on gravel. The DS3 could very well be an interesting candidate for next season. Anyways, Rally Worldchamp Sebastien Loeb is currently flying in the big brother, the DS3 WRC, from victory to victory...