06.08.2011 - Class win at first time on Citroen C2R2 Max at Rallye Oberehe

A great first impression left Valentin Hummel and Katja Geyer during their first rally on a Citroen C2R2Max at the 40th ADAC Rallye Oberehe, where they reached in addition to a superior class win a sixth place overall. With best time in class on all SSs the team with number 142 could work himself constantly forward and prevail against the 8 competitors in class H13.

The team, that pushed so far his successful racing career ahead on the BMW 120d, wanted to use this event with a car from Oliver Schumacher, H&S Rallyesport, especially in preparation for the Rally Germany in August in Trier, where both also will start on the Citroen C2R2Max. Despite the unusual front-wheel drive and some technical characteristics, it was not difficult to settle in for Valentin, thanks to his numerous racetrack experience with a variety of cars and soon both had despite the rain a lot of fun in the new car. At least the tire choice was clearly this time in the continuing heavy rain and the varied SSs with a share of 10% gravel became to a real mud fight during the day.

One more time they didn’t have the pleasure to take off already on SS1, because it was abandoned after a participant left the track through the meadow. On the next five twisty and fast SSs both mastered the weather-related challenges, even if both mirrors were lost and the communication system worked just one-way from co-driver to driver.

After having crossed sideways the finish line on SS6, both reached after a real mud fight obviously satisfied the finish ramp in Hillesheim, under the watchful eyes of team leader Oliver Schumacher. In the subsequent ceremony the joy over the first top ten placing overall and the superior class win with one and a half minute ahead was exuberant.

After 10 rallies in five months the big showdown in Trier is now imminent and the team is already looking forward to the next start on the Citroen C2R2Max in front of a very large audience with hopefully a little more sunshine...