30.07.2011 - Defending the leadership at Hessian Championship with 3rd class win

With their third class win in a row Valentin Hummel and Katja Geyer defended their leadership during the third run of the Hessian Championship, the 6th DMV Kumho Main-Kinzig-Rally at Wächtersbach and could achieve a 17th place in the overall standings among 106 starters. Six special stages with short gravel sections and several highlights, such as the jump at the spectators’ circuit at Brachttal, provided excitement and variety.


Due to the early arrival, the team started a little restrained on Saturday to the first section. Barely arrived at the start of SS1, it was even necessary to have a first break as a participant runs out of the track and his recovery from the ditch proved to be more complicated than expected. After they had stayed about 35 minutes at the start, SS1 was finally abandoned and all participants were lead on the track to the start of SS2, which could be completed as well as SS3 without major incidents.

Both used the following regrouping to stock up some strength for the next section and full of beans the team reached on the circuit of SS4 the 7th time overall, on SS5 even the 3rd time overall! Neither the jump on SS 3/6 could both slow down, but they lost some time during an overtaking maneuver on the track. Nonetheless, both succeeded in achieving best time in class on all special stages.

At the end both received the cup for their class win and the team defended their leadership at the Hessian Rally Championship. At the end of August it may be exciting again at the ADAC Rallye Limes in Hungen ...