28.05.2011 - First win in Div. 7 at 3rd run of ADAC Rallye Masters

This weekend Valentin Hummel and Katja Geyer took their first win in Div. 7 at the 22nd ADAC Rallye Litermont and gained further important points for the ADAC Junior Cup at the third run of the ADAC Rallye Masters.

However, the start dangled on a string… because after a shock absorber failure at the KW Competition suspension has forced the team to give up at the first run, the team now changed to a Bilstein B16 suspension, which was first delivered on the day of the event. Thanks to Bliss Autosport’s immediate and professional installation incl. the DEKRA demonstration, the team arrived last-minute and passed the technical inspection. After the freeze at rally Erzgebirge and the previous two rallies on the BMW Series chassis, the new rally gear should finally provide a real opportunity to keep up in the division and with the total field. Thanks once again to the whole team and its supporters!

At the closely timed third run of the ADAC Rallye Masters 130 varied special stage km with a 5% share of gravel had to be passed. Three different demanding special stages were each driven three times, the longest stage with a total distance of more than 26 km. Even after the first section, the team stayed ahead of its competitors in Div. 7 and achieved by the end best time on almost every special stage. All special stages were speedy and tricky, so that the track at least took its toll by 29 of the 63 competing teams! SS6 was even abandoned after a collision in which a racing official was hit, so the team went directly to the service park and got only a calculated time.

From the beginning under pressure all three competitors in Div. 7 gradually dropped out until SS8 and Valentin took out some speed on the last two SSs, also due to a decreased braking power.

In the end the team celebrated its first win in Div. 7 as both have finished sovereignly this most eventful rally. They were also satisfied with P23 in the overall standings after only 34 teams finally crossed the finish ramp. Important were also the further points re. the standings of the ADAC Junior Cup, where the team was now able to work ahead on rank 3. It will be exciting!