25.03.2011 – Test with Porsche 911 GT3 R of Manthey Racing 

To be well rested for the important test on Friday morning, Valentin Hummel traveled to Nurburgring on Thursday evening and stayed overnight at the hotel at the race track. The next morning he was at the racetrack early, but first there were a few tests run with the car with various Shock absorbing levels before Valentin was allowed to take over the steeringwheel for 6 laps.

Before Valentin could start, the seat and the straps had to get adjusted to him. Because Valentin drove a Porsche 997 Cup at Dubai, the technology in the cockpit of the Porsche 911 GT3 R had not to be explained again.

The plan had two stints each with 3 laps. After two laps Nordschleife Valentin had to come in already, because the straps were not tight enough and therefore did not guaranteed a secure feeling for the car on the bumpy Nordschleife. After the car was then filled up again and the pressure of the tires were adapted, Valentin should take the remaining 4 laps in one piece. With tighter belts and a resulting much better feel for the car Valentin was able to drive very good lap times, with a fastest lap time of 8:32 minutes in the 2nd lap of the VLN-track, that is GP circuit with Nordschleife.

The 3rd even faster lap Valentin had to break off from the safe sideafter an error message in the cockpit, which was not to push away, and drove into the box. After a short error analysis a broken fuse was identified as the reason of the error message. Then Valentin drove another lap, to see if the error occurs again. With cold tires on one lap no faster time was possible. Valentin said after the test: "It was a lot of space, especially in the fast passages, in which one needs full confidence in the car, before moving slowly to the limit." Praise also came from the tire engineer who was struck by the constant tire pressure at its two measurements where the pressure difference acting by 1 / 100 Bar ". This demonstrates a very smooth way of driving". Impressed by Valentins perfomance, Olaf Manthey planes further events. Keep it up!